Sunday, March 10, 2013

Discovery, Imagination and Learning is Fun at ASIS

When meeting with a prospective student’s parents, we find they are full of many questions. Some of which are common to all schools, but most just want to know ‘what will my child learn’. At ASIS our teachers strive to make the knowledge they are imparting fun, which keeps our students interested, and at the same time practical. At ASIS learning is interactive, not passive. Our teachers are not lecturers, they are educators and, yes, there is a difference.
Recently, Grade 3 was learning about communities and as part of the lesson they built the ASIS neighborhood. I was amazed at the detail they put into their efforts! 

ASIS also works with our students to teach them presentation skills that they will use throughout their lives. Recently, Grade 6 gave their first PowerPoint presentations on Greek History.
Of course, there’s so much more that our students learn at ASIS, so stop by for a tour. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and offer you a tasty cup of tea!