Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Free Day Pass at ASIS

When you enter most schools in Dhaka to speak about admission for your child, you are taken to the office and may possibly meet the Principal. You are then given the details about admission and what the steps are to get your child admitted.
At ASIS we want your child to experience the learning environment first hand, while you are given a full tour from our Playgrounds, Classrooms, Lunch Room, Art Room, Computer Lab to meeting all of our key staff who will first hand look after your children to ensure they are safe, healthy and more. Then, we will do our best to answer all your questions about our curriculum, admission and your children’s educational goals. So, we hope you'll accept our invitation to visit our school with your child/children who are eligible for admission to PS/PG up to Grade 6 so that they and you can experience what we feel learning in the classroom is all about.
At ASIS our teachers are trained to engage our students in their lessons, not listen to lectures. They experience visual presentations and hands on learning lessons, to keep them interested and even excited about learning. They are involved in lively classroom discussions and are taught presentation skills to prepare them for the real world. You don't need to believe me, bring your children to ASIS and let them tell you what their day was like.